Why Grow Your Own Sprouts?


People have known for millennia that eating sprouts - especially broccoli, daikon radish and watercress - is remarkably healthy. But today's cutting edge genetic research reveals a startling conclusion: Eating brocsprouts is PROFOUNDLY healthy. We were shocked by what the latest science indicates with regard to cancer, all cause mortality, and cognitive function, as well as the dramatic dose-response efficacy of sprouts as compared to mature cruciferous vegetables, supplements, and even well known pharmaceuticals. Dive deep into the science below, and once you've digested the truth, maybe you'll become as angry and appalled as we are that everyone doesn't already know this. And then perhaps you too will wonder why we aren't all eating brocsprouts every single day. 


Did you know that when you buy produce in the grocery store, on average it has been handled by 14 people to get it to the shelf? Further because of the economics of monocropping and industrial agriculture, most has been trucked or flown great distance. And to make things worse, in order to withstand the needs of shelf life and distribution, those beautiful fresh bean sprouts you just bought for a dollar were soaked in bleach - protecting you from the dangers of bacteria, true, but also destroying the healthful enzymes which were the reason you bought them in the first place! Why continue to support the larger carbon footprint of plastic containers of sprouts when it is so easy, fun, and way less expensive to grow your own. Join the hyper-local farming revolution - for the planet - and for your family!


Raw Delight!

The "Woo-Woo" crowd likes to call sprouts a "very high vibrational food." What does that mean exactly? We'll leave it to you to search down this YouTube rabbit hole without expressing our own multi-dimensional spiritual opinion. However it is observationally true that kids and grown ups alike get noticeably more animated whenever what they are eating has sprouts. Could it have something to do with the effect of the anti-inflammatory properties of sulforaphane on the blood flow? Does it matter? Avocado toast - with sprouts please! Salad - better when you add sprouts. A monster sandwich from TOGO's? Load it up with sprouts!! People love sprouts and they don't even realize that is what they are responding to when they feel delight after a great meal. We challenge you to even just use them as a garnish and see what happens. Delight. Raw delight. Try it and see for yourself!


Avocado Toast - YUM!

There should be a law making it illegal to serve avocado toast without brocsprouts! Ok maybe that is a little strong, but why shouldn't the mainstream include this healthy topping as standard? (Oh, btw, alfalfa is nutritionally worthless, check the science section).

Sprouts GO With Everything!

It isn't just salads, stews, sandwiches...you can add sprouts to anything to give it a little bit more ZING! Zing zing zing went the strings of my heart - when I have brocsprouts! 🙂


I LOVE sprouts! My husband Golden and I grow them literally all the time. I find they make an excellent addition to any salad, and I think they liven up any party! I *am* a PowerSprouter!

- Beth Love

Author "Sensational Salads to Cool the Earth"

A "PowerSprouter" that makes it easier for people to eat broccoli sprouts every single day will save lives and lower national healthcare costs. If it existed I would buy one on the spot.

- Dr. Michael Greger


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